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Car Valet and Glazing in Randburg


This AC Cobra had a full detailing service done which entails the following:

      Cleaning of the roof lining, floor mats, dash and instrument cluster.
       Seats cleaning:
             Leather seats are cleaned 
            Cloth seats are cleaned 
      The interior is sprayed with perfume 
      The windows are cleaned
      The mag wheels are cleaned and tyres are finished off with a tyre shine.
      The exterior of the vehicle gets washed

           Three Stage Machine Glaze Polishing Process.
   Stage 1:
          We apply a dual action cleaner which removes impurities and oxidation from the paintwork
   Stage 2:
                We then apply a speed glaze
             This removes swirls and small surface scratches
   Stage 3:
             This is when we then apply a Carnauba wax which gives the car a brilliant shine
Contact no: 011 791 1114/ 011 791 0903

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