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Car valet, car glazing in Randburg

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This stunning Red Convertible had the following services done :
Valet: The cleaning of the roof lining,floor mats,dash and instruments.
leather seats are creamed and conditioned.Perfume is sprayed making it smell good
Engine Degrease: The engine bay was degreased completely, all compartments were super cleaned and rubber piping’s were cleaned with rubber and vinyl cleaners.
4 Stage Glaze:
Stage 1: We took all the impurities out the paintwork with dual action cleaners making the vehicle dirt free.
Stage 2: We applied a speed glaze to remove swirl marks as well as small surface scratches.
Stage 3: Carnauba wax was hand applied to give the vehicle a brilliant shine.
Stage 4: lastly a polymer sealant is applied giving the vehicle a high gloss shine as well as a show room finish.
The 4 Stage Glaze protects the vehicle from acid rain, bird droppings,tree falling ,tree gum and sun rays.
We have Mobile teams that can come out to you!!!!!!!!
Contact us to make your appointment with our incredible hard working team.
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