Phone: 0861 CAR VALET
011 023 5400
Tel: 011 791 0903



Car Valet in Sandton

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1.            A complete interior valet which comprises of:
  1.1.       Cleaning of the roof lining, floor mats, dash and instrument cluster.
  1.2.       Seats cleaning
      1.2.1.                Leather seats are cleaned 
      1.2.2.                Cloth seats are cleaned 
  1.3.       The interior is sprayed with perfume 
  1.4.        The windows are cleaned 
  1.5.        The mag wheels are cleaned and tyres are finished off with a tyre shine.
  1.6         The exterior of the vehicle gets washed
Contact Number: 011 791 1114 / 011 791 0903



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