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Car Valet and Glazing in Randburg

This AC Cobra had a full detailing service done which entails the following:       Cleaning of the roof lining, floor mats, dash and instrument cluster.        Seats cleaning:              Leather seats are cleaned              Cloth seats are cleaned        The interior […]

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Car Crazeeee Services in Randburg

Mobile Car Glazers Specialise in Car Crazeeeeeeee services.   Car Detailing Car Glazing Car Valets Engine Degreasing Chassis Degreasing and cleaning Premium wax application Headlight Restorations Smash and grab window tinting Windscreen chips Repairs   And we Have a Mobile Glazers Speedshop open now   Minor dent repairs Paintless dent removal Bumper repairs Repairs to […]

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Car Services in Randburg

Mobile Car Glazers Specialises in Car Crazeeee Services -Car Detailing(Valet,Engine Degrease and Glaze) -Car Glazing(3 Stage Glaze and 4 Stage Glaze) -Car Valet(cleaning of roof lining,floor mats ,dash instruments,seats) -Engine Degreasing(Degreasing of engine bay and compartments) -Chassis Degreasing and cleaning( cleaning of the undercarriage removing grime and dirt) -Premium Wax application( Carnauba wax for a […]

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Car Glazing and Engine Degreasing in Randburg

  This Toyota Corolla has the following options:   Engine Degrease: The engine bay is completely degreased. All the compartments are super cleaned. Rubber piping’s are cleaned with rubber and vinyl cleaners.   3 Stage Machine Glaze: Stage 1: Dual action cleaners are used to take all the impurities out the paintwork. Stage 2: We […]

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Car valet, car glazing in Randburg

  This stunning Red Convertible had the following services done :   Valet: The cleaning of the roof lining,floor mats,dash and instruments. leather seats are creamed and conditioned.Perfume is sprayed making it smell good   Engine Degrease: The engine bay was degreased completely, all compartments were super cleaned and rubber piping’s were cleaned with rubber […]

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